* Best Price Guarantee

We have three main services: Day passes, Tours and accommodation
All of them require a previous reservation. Please write to [email protected] / WhatsApp +52 1 999 996 7421 +52 1 999 996 7421
The person who made the reservation has to bring his/her ID in order to check in.
If you booked through an OTA or Travel Agency, please bring the confirmation voucher with you.
There is no need for you to print it, you can show it on your phone.

In order to book tours and day passes you need to prepay the full amount by bank transfer / deposit.
For lodging reservations: If you book directly with us we take credit cards, bank transfer / deposit or cash, depending on the rate you choose.
If you book through an OTA or Travel Agent you will have to check their own payment methods.
Please show your reservation confirmation at the reception desk so they can tell you whether it
is paid or not.

For Casa Adolfo, check in time is from 3.30 pm. In the event you need to arrive earlier, please contact us.
Check out time is at 12 pm.
We suggest arriving before 5 pm during the winter and 7 pm in spring and summer.
The road to the property can get confusing once it gets dark. Please remember we are in the Mayan jungle.
For private tours, please arrive 15 minutes before departure time.

We are located in Tekit, about an hour and a half drive from Mérida. The exact location is the following: https://goo.gl/maps/r3xrRa8ttLEViZ3U7 We strongly recommend you to follow Google Maps’ directions and not other apps since not all of them are up to date.
300 mts before arriving at the location shown on Google Maps you will find a sign on your right
side, please take that detour.
Contact us for transportation service information.
From Merida's downtown or airport, the trip takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.
From the center of Mérida there is public transportation at least twice a day to Tekit.
From Tekit to Destino Mío you can take a motorcycle cab.
Please note that the trip takes longer.
We recommend you to arrive by private transportation as it will be much faster and easier.
The trip from Tekit to Destino Mío takes approximately 20 minutes.

To get to Tekit from Mérida and from Chetumal the road is fast, free and safe.
From Homún and Cuzamá to Tekit, the road through Ochil is in an acceptable condition.
Free and safe.
From Tekit to Destino Mío (10 km), the road is semi-paved and its condition
varies depending on the season.
We recommend you drive slowly and carefully because of the bumps and side roads.
If possible, avoid driving excessively low or small cars.

The state of Yucatán has an excellent reputation for security
Within our facilities we have 24-hour surveillance.
We have liability insurance and all the necessary
signage, equipment and measures for hygiene and safety.

We kindly ask you to only use biodegradable sunscreen.
We suggest you bring a thermos, you can fill it at our different points.
Towels, flashlights, comfortable shoes and a good attitude are also good recommendations.

We have good internet connection and mobile reception in most of our facilities.

If you have something very important to attend to and you know that you are going to depend on the internet or phone signal, we strongly recommend you to postpone your visit as it may happen that you cannot even find phone reception in Tekit. Please bear in mind that we are in the middle of the jungle and can never guarantee these services since failures are usually external to us and out of our control.

There is no gas station in Tekit and the nearest one is 30km away. 
There are no banks or ATMs either.
There is a pharmacy and a doctor’s office. 
The nearest hospital is located in Merida; Star Medica. 

We recommend you fill your tank before leaving Mérida.
Bring cash to avoid setbacks and get better prices at the stores.
Stores accept credit cards, however sometimes internet reception
is not good and payments cannot be processed.

Tours will only be canceled in the event of thunderstorms or hurricanes.
We will reschedule on the earliest available date at your convenience.
Regarding accommodation, you will have to check the cancellation policy that applies to your booking. Refundable rates can be rescheduled, however non-refundable ones do not allow this.

Please check the weather forecast before booking and keep in mind that sudden changes in the
area are very common. Be prepared for possible showers or extreme hot weather.

Ex-Convent of "San Antonio de Padua" Franciscan monastery. 10km
San Cristobal Chapel. 10 km
Guayabera and traditional clothing stores. 10 km
Maní Magical Town. 40km
Mayapan Archaeological Zone. 28km
Cenotes of Homún and Cuazamá. 38km


It is important to keep in mind that DESTINO MÍO is a place in the middle of the jungle; we are surrounded by vegetation, flora and fauna, so we cannot guarantee that eventualities and accidents will not happen:
insect or animal bites.
lack of electricity, water, telephone or internet.
accidents related to ecotourism activities
animal encounters or sightings
encounter or sighting of armed people, identified by the local police, who are passing through the area because, as a local tradition, they are hunting.